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Main Index

Awakenings - aims to increase dialogue among people with PD, caregivers, primary care physicians and specialists.
Central West Parkinson's Disease Research Group Web - includes drug information, career support, PD news, and worldwide links.
Exercises for the Parkinson Patient
Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson's Disease
Jeana's PD Page - some links, tips for coping and how I've dealt with this disease for 12 years.
Pallidotomy - offering information on Parkinson's disease and the pallidotomy surgery which relieves symptoms.
Parkinson Alliance - Parkinson's Disease activist site working to fund research for a cure. Site includes Palliditomy papers, links, member homepages, research updates.
Parkinson Glossary - learn what those clincal terms mean.
Parkinson Patient at Home - a paper that helps the patient and family to achieve better adjustments to home living.
Parkinson's Digest - summary of the ongoing dialog among the worldwide support group active on the PD Information Exchange Network.
Parkinson's Disease And Parkinsonian Syndromes
Parkinson's Disease Archives - contains monthly lists of medical journal articles complete with abstracts.
Parkinson's Disease Information - offers resources and information for individuals living with Parkinson's Disease. Includes articles and information concering quality of life issues.
Parkinson's Disease Teaching Presentation - comprehensive introduction to the disease for patients, families, and rehabilitation team members
Parkinson's News from the Front Line - a web paper dedicated to the free exchange of non-medical information between people living daily with Parkinson's.
Parkinson's Unity Walk - raises money to fund the research to find the cure for Parkinson's.
Parkinson's Victory
Parkinson's Web - contains collection of information about Parkinson's written specifically for patients and their families.
Parkinsons Web Forum
PWP Dumpster Gang Hideout - meeting place for people with Parkinsons to discuss the emotional side of this disease, featuring a chatroom, forum, webring, magazine, and personal sites of PWP's.
Research News: Parkinson's Disease - from the National Human Genome Research Institute.
Ultimate Challenge, The - 10 people walking to the North Pole to raise money for Parkinson's Disease. This site will document one of the people's experiences.
Web Directory: Parkinson's Disease - devoted to movement disorders from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University.

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