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Beverly Hills Center for Sexual Medicine - Uri Peles M.D. provides evaluation and treatment for male sexual problems.
Bionix Cells - natural product which fights premature ejaculation and impotence.
Candex - offering local treatment for impotence by application of oxygenated cream which increases the blood flow to the penis.
Carolina Men's Diagnostic Center - provides services reguarding impotance.
Center for Sexual Function - diagnosises and treats erectile dysfunction.
Clínica para el Tratamiento de la Impotencia - specializing in the treatment of impotence and other sexual disfunctions. In español and English.
CNY Male Sexual Dysfunction Center
ConfiMed - physicians, nurses, and case managers working online to offer evaluation of compromised sexual function in a comfortable non- threatening setting.
Dictionary of Terms Related to Erectile Dysfunction
ExpressMed - on-line help for sexually dysfunctional or impotent men.
Global MedNet - offering prescriptions, ordering, and refills online.
Group Five - information on the treatment of decreased sex drive and impotency in men.
Harvard Scientific - biopharmaceutical company producing PaGE1, for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.
Homeoforce - combination of organic herbs and natural ingredients to boost sexual desire.
Impotence-Rx - provides online help and treatment for erectile dysfunction, including prescriptions.
International Vascular Clinic - solely dedicated to the treatment of male erection problem through medical treatment and Nutritional Supplements
John L. Chaney Foundation - 11 yr., 95% success rate with patented approved products in the first step treatment of impotence. Offered to professionals and consumers.
Lakeside Hospital Doctors Mall - products include books, ring systems, physical therapy programs, and vaccum erection devices.
Male Sexual Dysfunction Institute - dedicated exclusively to the diagnosing and treatment of impotence.
Male Sexual Medicine Clinic - specializes in male sexual dysfunction and impotence.
McFarlane, Gil - site to give information on the possible psychological causes of impotence.
Mediclinic - specializing in the treatment of impotence.
Mission Pharmacal VED - Information and treatment for impotence - Featuring the VED - Vacuum Erection Device.
Net Medical Inc. - offers Rejoyn, a product that enables sexual intercourse despite male impotence, by supporting the penis in a plastic sleeve.
Net Medical, Inc. - offering Rejoyn, a penile support sleeve made from soft, medical grade rubber.
Osbon Medical Systems, Ltd. - offering the ErecAid System, vacuum therapy treatment for impotence.
Pos-T-Vac - the non-surgical approach to impotence management.
ProCare - national network clinic for treatment of sexual disfunction with Sildenafil citrate.
Restore - topical cream treatment for impotence.
SEAD Enterprises - simplified erection aid device helps men overcome impotence and revitalize their sex life.
Sunrise Center - sells electromagnetic pulse therapy devices to promote the healing of impotence and insomnia.
The Pill Box Pharmacy - impotency treatments includin vacuum erection devices, urethral inserts & penile injection therapy.
U.K. Yes - consultants and suppliers for the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East.
Up-N-Atem - No needles, implants, vacuum pumps, or medications here! Natural solutions for better sex.
Vet-Co, Inc. - manufactures the Assist System, a vacuum erection device.