Fashion Hair Care
Beauty Shoppe Archives - features classic hair styles over the last fifty years. Retro-hair looks include the beehive, the flip, bouffants, poodle, and pixie looks.
Buzztown Barber Shop - general reference information about men's short haircuts.
Gallery o' Internet Redheads - definitive guide to redheads on the internet, as well as information and resources useful to them and their admirers.
Going Blonde - go blonde digitally. Sucess stories, inspiration and tips.
Hair World - Hair and beauty industry news, product information, and your directory to salons on the Net.
HairArt International - web based publication with tips and tricks, seminar and show listings, product reviews, and more.
Hairdos.com - search a database of hairstyles and view images of matching hairstyles based upon color, length, texture, etc.
Head Room - experience the barbershop atmosphere online with Cleophus Simmons. Gossip, love, music, and sports commentary, along with a hairstylist locator for Atlanta, Mobile, and San Diego.
Heaven and Earth - includes resources for the professional hairstylist, including education, chat, and events calendar. In English, Chinese and Spanish.
Justin's Hair Dye History - photos and descriptions of the many wacky things this man has done to his hair.
Long Hair Site, The - dedicated to those beautiful ladies who decided to wear their hair very long.
Marci's Retro Style - hair styles and styling techniques from a bygone era.
Official Wicked Hair Dyeing Page - so, you are thinking about dyeing your hair?
Red Ring - for redheads and their admirers.
Short Hair Lovers Unite - dedicated to those who love women with short hair.
ShortHair's Haircut Shrine - for people interested in women who wear their hair short or even shaved.
Traditional Hairdressing - includes how-to instructions and diagrams for 70's style do's.
Witt, Diane - woman with world's longest hair.
Your Personal Salon - brought to you by Salon Selectives. Includes advice, information, and entertaining hair facts.







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