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Epilepsy & Brain Mapping Program
The Epilepsy and Brain Mapping Program is a comprehensive healthcare center for treating adult and pediatric epilepsy.
Epilepsy Foundation of America
The national organization that works for people affected by seizures through research, education, advocacy, and service. Special section on Epilepsy and Women.
Washington University Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Comprehensive resources and information on epilepsy by Washington University.
Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Epilepsy
Information about an herbal formula used to treat epilepsy.
Epilepsy Index
An index from the Department of Neurosurgery, Wake Forest University.
Mental Health Net -- Epilepsy Resources
Mental HealthNet's list of epilepsy resources.
Organizations Providing Epilepsy Support and Education
MGH/Harvard Guide to organizations providing epilepsy support and education.
Texas Tech Epilepsy Program
The Texas Tech Epilepsy Program is a multi-disciplinary organization which aims to provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for epilepsy patients.