Diet and Nutrition
Anti-Diet, The - learn to convert healthy lifestyle principles into practice.
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY: 1996 Guidelines on Diet, Nutri
Prevention and Detection Guidelines 1996 Guidelines on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Prevention What are details of the So
American Dietetic Association
Healthy lifestyle tips, nutrition resources, find a dietitian, and more.
American Society for Clinical Nutrition
Professional organization publishes The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Free article abstracts available and complete articles can be ordered for a fee.
Ask the Dietitian
It's not pretty, but it's chock full of helpful and interesting nutritional information.
Blonz Guide: Nutrition -- Food Science -- Health
A large collection of links to nutrition and health sites.
Children's Nutrition Research Center
Dedicated to defining the nutrient needs of healthy children, from conception through adolescence, and pregnant and nursing women.
nutrition questions, weight questions, diet questions, dieting advice, dietitian questions.
Interactive question and answer archive from Cornell University's Division of Nutritional Sciences. Post a question and find your answer online within 2 weeks.
Diet City
Diet, nutrition and healthy eating information.
DIET & SPORTS NUTRITION  - Twinlab®, AST Reseach, Pep Products Wholesale Diet &&Sport Nutrition Supplements. + FREE top 10 fad diet plans
ESHA Research Nutrition Systems - diet and exercise analysis, recipe creation, and product formulation and labeling.
Fast Food Facts - Interactive Food Finder
A searchable database of information on the fat, sugar, fiber, protein, and carbohydrate contents of fast foods at popular restaurants.
Food Resource
Provides a large collection of jpeg images of foods, other foods references, and links to related documents.
Includes information on child and adolescent health, children's nutrition and dental care, and behavior, speech, hearing and learning.
Iron Overload Diseases Association, Inc.
About the organization and statistics about the problem.
Infant, Child & Teen Nutrition
Infant, Child & Teen Nutrition information from HealthTouch Online.
Lose Weight and Regain Nutrition - diet & nutrition programs
Enhancing your quality of life through good nutrition is Newbody's whole focus.
Hacker's Diet, The how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition.
Mayo Clinic Diet & Nutrition Center: Diet Tips to Manage Weight an...  - Mayo Clinic Diet and Nutrition Center: Mayo Clinic offers diet and nutritional advice for safe weight loss. Information on vitamin and mineral supplements. Healthy cookbook with tasty recipes to help you improve your diet. Cut fat and cholesterol - reduce sodium and calories. Better nutrition makes a healthier you.
Mealformation: Nutrition Software   - a nutrition software program designed to help you achieve a well balanced diet
My Menus
Thousands of recipes and meal plans. Complete nutritional information. Quickly custom build meal plans. Look up recipes by name, ingredient, nutrition, or dietary needs.
Nutrition Analysis Tool - a web based program for analyzing your diet for 21 different nutrients.
Nutrition Works   - Nutrition Works is a professional nutrition consulting company that prides itself on accurately determining your nutritional needs and providing the necessary guidance towards disease prevention and individual health promotion/maintenance.
Pycnogenol information and links, diet, nutrition, pycnogenols benefits
The link between free radical (oxidative) damage and disease. A diet rich in antioxidants is effective in guarding against heart disease, and cancer.
Southwest Bariatric Nutrition Center - a research oriented, life-style nutrition center.
Recipes, vegetarian meals, low-fat diets, food for kids, and other areas.
The Hacker's Diet
Facts and myths about dieting, exercise, and metabolism.
USDA Food and Consumer Service Mission
U.S. government agency working to ensure access to good nutrition for all citizens.
Usenet - sci.med.nutrition - Physiological impacts of diet
"Virtual" Nutrition Center
A veritable encyclopedia of nutritional and other information.
Wellness Today Alternative Medicine with an emphasis on diet nutrition, women's health, cancer, heart disease, children's health, diabetes, high blood pressure.








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