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Ask NOAH About: Personal Health for Children
Children's health information on topics like fitness, immunization, and accidents and safety, from New York Online Access to Health.
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)
Facts for parents and families and news about the AACAP.
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: AAPD Online
Resources for parents and professionals on dentistry for children.
American Hyperlexia Association
Source of information on hyperlexia, a childhood syndrome characterized by precocious reading ability combined with difficulty in verbal comprehension and in developing social skills.
Association of Birth Defect Children, Inc (ABDC)
A charitable organization that provides information about birth defects, resources, support groups and environmental exposures that may cause birth defects.
Attention Deficit Disorder WWW Archive
Thoughtful collection of articles and information on ADD and ADHD promotes understanding of the disorder in children and adults.
Better Health and Medical
A health community offering medical help, information, and support on topics like women's and children's health, allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and attention deficit disorder.
Behavioral Health Links
Child Health Information Center - resources for pediatricians, nurses, parents and others who care about kids.
Child Secure
More than 400 pages of timely information on children's health and safety.
Child/Adolescent Nutrition & Health
The International Food Information Council Foundation has information on healthy eating, exercise, and more for infants through adolescents.
Contacting the South Hennepin Children's Mental Health C
Home Page About the Collaborative Services and Eligibility Meetings, Events and Workshops Links and Resources How to Help.
Children with Diabetes
The on-line community for kids, families and adults with Type 1 diabetes.
CDC NCEH Division of Birth Defects
Site by the Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities which is part of the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.
Child Advocate
This page is devoted to the support, advocacy, and defense of children, adolescents, and families, especially those with mental health or psychosocial needs.
Child Safety Forum
Large collection of tips on child safety around the home.
Children with AIDS Project
Project recruits families to adopt HIV-exposed children, AIDS orphans and drug-addicted infants and refers them to private homes and public adoption agencies around the United States.
Children's Health And Nutrition
Collection of articles addressing health and nutrition issues of children, including childhood obesity, healthy habits for kids, and more.
Children's Health Center
Includes Ask the Web Doctor, answering a wide range of infant, child and adolescent health questions.
Children's Health Page
Includes lots of FAQs and links to net resources related to children's health.
Children's Hospital Medical Center Of Akron
Page sponsored by Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron has monthly columns on children's health issues, along with Baby Beat, Tips to Grow By, and more.
Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Provides descriptions of common and uncommon children's diseases and conditions and ways that parents can help.
Children's Organ Transplant Association
Information about the number of children on transplant lists, the history of the organization, how to become an organ donor, campaign information, and more. A meeting place for kids who are sick or disabled with chat, messages boards, workshops and more.
CVS Birth Defects Registry
Information about Chorionic Villus Sampling and its possible relation to birth defects, and more.
Down Syndrome: Health Issues
Articles, information lists, links, and abstracts.
Dr. Greene's HouseCalls
Parents who have pediatric questions can ask Dr. Greene or check the archive of past answers on topics such as allergies, potty training, infectious diseases, and genetics.
Family Village
Global network of resources for people with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, caregivers and friends.
Health Ink Communications
Publisher of consumer health newsletters provides this informative site with articles on children, teen, and adult health. Includes an Ask the Dr. section.
Includes information on child and adolescent health, children's nutrition and dental care, and behavior, speech, hearing and learning.
The Childrens Traffic Club HEALTH VISITOR PACK 
HealthNet Connection's Kids' Health Resources
Wellness Resources BC&BSUW Service Center Kids Health & Wellness Resources 6 billion Human Beings Adolescence Directory
Healthy Ideas -- Family Health
Stocked with hundreds of home remedies for children's ailments, parenting tips, advice from pediatricians, interactive forums and a guide to the best kids' sites.
Infectious Diseases in Children
Searchable online journal serves as a news and research directory for infectious diseases that impact children.
International Health and Child Survival Links - links to resources on health care in developing countries.
IPL Youth Collection: Health--Resources for Teachers &
Table of Contents Youth Logo Youth Home Page Reference Zone picture Reference Our World picture Our World USA picture US
Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) - resources for children with disabilities.
Devoted to the health of children and teens. Contains up-to-date information on growth, food and fitness, childhood
infections, immunizations, medical conditions, and treatments. contains interactive articles about children's healthcare,
medicine, surgery, and parenting. There are fun games, Kids Vote health polls, and the Nemours media guide
KidsHealth at the AMA - covers a range of topics, including childhood infections, emergencies and first aid, safety and accident prevention, and child development.
KidsHealth @ the AMA
The American Medical Association helps provide child and adolescent health topics such as emergencies, first aid, childhood infections, safety and accidents and baby development.
KIDS, TEENS, PARENTS HEALTH RESOURCES  - National Children's Coalition Foundation is building the most comprehensive single resource on the web for children's and youth, pediatric information, family health, kids and teen safety and more!
KidSource OnLine Healthcare Index
Provides parents with information on a wide range of health issues for their children.
MedWeb: Pediatrics
A large list of pediatrics resources and links from Emory University, including links to information on adolescent medicine and specific diseases and disorders in children.
March of Dimes Home Page
The March of Dimes organization provides information about birth defects and having a healthy baby.
National Center for Children in Poverty
Non-profit organization that identifies and promotes strategies to reduce the number of young children living in poverty in the United States.
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
Nonprofit organization supporting research, treatment and educational projects for pediatric cancers.
National Enuresis Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to enuresis, or the medical condition of bedwetting beyond the age when a child is old enough to be able to control urination.
ParentTime: Health Guide
Health Guide section of the larger ParentTime site has a searchable database of articles on many childhood health issues, including diseases.
PEDINFO: A Pediatrics WebServer
Meta-site for pediatric resources--links to children's health, childhood illnesses, disorders and more.
Pediatric Database (PEDBASE)
An online database of pediatric diseases and conditions. You can also download the entire database for yourself.
Pediatric Points of Interest
An online encyclopedia of pediatric links covering diseases, hospitals, parenting resources and more.
Pediatric Primer
Focuses monthly on two new topics from the general subject areas of child development and/or accident prevention.
PEDINFO: Diseases & Conditions
Links to web sites that information on a broad range of diseases and conditions.
Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet
Directory of self-help Internet sites focused on everything from ADD, eating disorders, and sexual abuse, to child and adolescent behavior disorders.
Sesame Street: Parents
Sesame Street's official site has a section for parents, devoted to children's health and safety issues and resources.
Triaminic Parents Club - site includes reading resources, games and prized, links and information on kids coughs and colds.
UNICEF: Progress of Nations 1997
UNICEF looks at the condition of children's health around the world in terms of water and sanitation, nutrition, education, and overall health.
Virtual Children's Hospital Home Page
A digital health sciences library intended to provide enlightenment and education to pediatric providers, patients, and their families.








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