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Allergy & Asthma Discussion Board - Stop by for friendly chat, support, helpful tips and more.
Allergy and Asthma Network / Mothers of Asthmatics
Allergy and Asthma Rochester Resource Center - provides information on allergies and asthma, geared for doctors, patients, and their families.
Allergy and Asthma Support Page
Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Specialists
American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Asthma Control - information on controlling asthma form GlaxoWellcome.
Asthma During Pregnancy Survey - a university study is currently looking at the effects of asthma on pregnancy.
Asthma Education - often misdiagnosed and improperly treated, better asthma education amongst health care providers and the general public is needed.
Asthma Information Center - information intended for physicians, pharmacists, journalists, researchers and other health care professionals as well as for patients and parents of children with asthma.
Asthma Trial - looking for subjects who have mild asthma.
Asthma@thrive - breathe freely here. Offers basic information, interactive tools, expert advice, and supportive communities for parents, teens, and kids.
Buteyko Breath Reconditioning Technique - introduces a drug free treatment for asthma.
Canadian Lung Association: Asthma Resource Centre
Colorado HealthNet Asthma Center - provides general info and lists centers and resources in both Colorado and nationally.
Dave's Asthma and Exercise - information regarding asthma and exercise and provides various links to other related sites.
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Asthma - A guide to asthma-related information and resources likely to be of interest to medical professionals and/or patients.
Ed's Asthma Track - resources for parents of asthmatic children, especially those newly diagnosed.
Getting Over Asthma is Possible - how to get out of asthma and of all psychosomatic illnesses.
Healthy Lives - Asthma
International Conference on Pediatric Asthma 1998
Occupational Asthma
Patient's Guide to Asthma
Quack Asthma 'Cure' Page
Sneeze Gazette - quarterly newsletters for what's new for patients suffering from asthma and/or allergies.
FAQ - Allergy and Asthma - General information about allergies and asthma, with some discussion of children's special needs. Links to related Web sites.
FAQ - alt.support.asthma - This is the asthma general information FAQ for the newsgroup alt.support.asthma. It should be of interest to anyone who has asthma, or knows anyone else who does.
Usenet - alt.support.asthma
Usenet - alt.support.asthma.buteyko








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